AMMA Healthcare Initiative (GHI)  is seeking to create a superior user experience for their upcoming AMMA (Asthma Monitoring and Management App) product line. has already developed the innovative AMMA technology and is now seeking strategic and human-centered design direction in order to ensure the technology serves their customers needs.

The AMMA is a new wearable health tracking and monitoring device for asthma sufferers. has created a revolutionary technology that measures a wearer’s breathing patterns, blood pressure, steps, sleep patterns, and other vital statistics. The wearable monitor can come be worn as a wristband or necklace that turns different colors to indicate the wearer’s status/progress based on their health profile. This product is different from standard sports fitness monitors by being specifically designed for tracking and monitoring chronic asthma.

The Challenge


"how might TIDAL improve the music streaming and sharing experience with the use of simultaneous streaming technology?"


Shawn's personality was designed to align with the target user group - the avid music listener - which had been identified throuh earlier interviews and research.

Summary Block
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the result

The AMMA companion application is meant to be fit naturally and intuitively into the wearer’s everyday life. Since AMMA is targeted towards the “Parent-Child” customer market, usability was a top priority.

With this app, large amounts of data are presented in an way that is easy to interpret, while still providing actionable insight for parents and their children. A clean design with bright colors, a gamified “Goals” feature, and a smiling AMMA character work together to create a friendly usable interface and satisfying user experience.



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