In order to introduce myself, let me walk you through the inspiration behind the design of my personal brand identity:

My personal brand is a visual synthesis of the key elements that have shaped me, my personality, and my unique design style.


I believe one of the most fundamental components of a person's personality stem from their roots. As someone who has spent a significant portion of my adult life abroad, the frequently asked "Where are you from?" has become a welcomed reminder for


I chose blue and gold


This logo alludes to my passion for Scandinavian and minimalistic design elements, and my Californian roots with the state's colors of blue and gold.

I borrowed the blue from UCSD's brand guide, as a tribute to my alma mater.

Also, given the uniqueness of my domain ( I figured it would be best to reinforce the domain through the logo.

The Challenge


"how might TIDAL improve the music streaming and sharing experience with the use of simultaneous streaming technology?"


Shawn's personality was designed to align with the target user group - the avid music listener - which had been identified throuh earlier interviews and research.

Summary Block
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the result

The AMMA companion application is meant to be fit naturally and intuitively into the wearer’s everyday life. Since AMMA is targeted towards the “Parent-Child” customer market, usability was a top priority.

With this app, large amounts of data are presented in an way that is easy to interpret, while still providing actionable insight for parents and their children. A clean design with bright colors, a gamified “Goals” feature, and a smiling AMMA character work together to create a friendly usable interface and satisfying user experience.



Other recent projects

 UX Case Study: AMMA (Asthma Monitoring and Management Application)

UX Case Study: AMMA (Asthma Monitoring and Management Application)

 Personal Branding Case Study: Eric Stein (Coming Soon!)

Personal Branding Case Study: Eric Stein (Coming Soon!)