Tidal turnup

TIDAL has built custom technology to enable music lovers to share and listen in revolutionary new ways. The technology behind the TurnUp feature set allows users to simultaneously play music through multiple phones. The ability to sync an unlimited number of devices together to play music when users are in different locations could revolutionize the music sharing and listening experience. Individuals who want to listen to music together but are in different places can now sync their devices and listen to the same song at the same time.

TIDAL's product team sees a huge market opportunity for this feature set. Tidal is now seeking strategic and human-centered design direction on the interaction design and monetization strategy for this new feature set.

The Challenge


"how might TIDAL improve the music streaming and sharing experience with the use of simultaneous streaming technology?"



Step 1: Empathize


Shawn's personality was designed to align with the target user group - the avid music listener - which had been identified throuh earlier interviews and research.

Summary Block
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the result

The TurnUp experience was designed to fit naturally into the look and feel of TIDAL’s current platform.

Friction and development costs are minimized while usability and efficiency are maximized. The end result is a social music streaming experience that seamlessly integrates into TIDAL’s current design, along with its strategic goals and influencer-driven marketing strategy.



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